Our aim is to make biking simple and convenient

We service, repair and fit and install parts to your bike.

Through our online partners we can supply you with the right part at the right price. As well as parts we also supply accessories, cycling clothing and other riding gear.

We recommend:

Special  -Urban Commuter Bikes

Cycletopia has a number of used fleet bike perfect for urban commuting/shopping

Aluminium frame, single speed, tough and dependable and only $120

contacts us to secure yours now


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  1. Outstanding value for money … just spent the weekend touring inner Melbourne on our ‘new’ bikes – we were impressed with the quality of the bikes ( brake, seat, basket, strength of frame) and how easy it was to traverse the bike ways without gears … Can’t wait for spring & summer!!

    May 21, 2016 at 8:58 pm

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